PLC Ground

The Platoon Leader's Class (PLC) is one of the Marine commissioning programs available to college Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors. PLC is composed of two (2) six-week courses called "PLC Juniors" and "PLC Seniors". PLC Juniors must be completed during the summer of Freshman or Sophomore year. PLC Seniors must be completed during the summer of Junior year. Officer Candidates will be paid at the rate of E-5 during the summer for this course (and all OCS courses).

Another program, available to only college Juniors is called "PLC Combined". This is a combined ten-week course (in lieu of two six-week courses) that takes place during the summer of Junior year. It covers all of the same material as PLC. It coincides with the "OCC" Program.

OCC Ground

The Officer Candidates Course (OCC) is a ten-week course for direct commissioning in the United States Marine Corps. It is available to college graduates who apply and are accepted to OCS. It covers the same material as the PLC programs.

Candidate Regulations

This is an invaluable resource to thoroughly review as you prepare for Officer Candidates' School. You can find more on the "OCS Prep" and "Knowledge" pages of this website.